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Legalities Of Cyber Deception Workshop – 20 July 2021 LONDON

Calling Notice to participate in a workshop to explore legal considerations for cyber deception

National Cyber Deception Symposium

The latest tech developments, strategy insights, and tradecraft news.

Deterrence through Cyber Deception

National Cyber Deception Symposium 2019

Our inaugural National Cyber Deception Symposium, hosted by the UK MoD’s Defence Academy.

Cyber Deception

Design Thinking for Cyber Deception

Ashenden Black Reid Henderson - Paper from Hawaii International Conference on System Science - HICSS

Human Factors Surrounding Trust and Deception in Cyber security

Ergo X Symposium - Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Conference and Ergo X...

Cyber Mind Games

Deception is particularly effective in the cyber domain but remains underexploited by defenders...

Deception Technology – More than Just Hoodwinking the Hackers

Ask anyone in cybersecurity about deception technology and one of the first words may use...

MoD Targets Human Error in Cyberwar

Psychologists and anthropologists have been enlisted by the Ministry of Defence to help exploit...

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