National Cyber Deception Symposium 2021

The UK National Cyber Deception Laboratory in association with Cranfield University and the UK Defence Cyber School, are proud to announce the return of the National Cyber Deception Symposium in December 2021 in a new virtual format.

Leading cybersecurity experts have identified that 2021 is the year for Cyber Deception and the Deception Technology market is estimated to increase significantly as defenders need to trap hackers and improve their defensive capabilities further.

The new operational realities of cyberspace mean that we need to recognise that we are ‘fighting within our networks’ and that these networks are the battlegrounds of today’s conflicts. Yet too often we don’t recognise how best to address this need to fight and engage our adversaries in these environments.

This year’s National Cyber Deception Symposium will be focused on engaging a global community to take Deception to the next level of proactive cyber defence. We will look at how to move beyond threat intelligence collection to actively engage and manage the adversary as they approach and are operating within our networks. Our programme of speakers will expand the scope of this rapidly developing new area They will:

  • Highlight useful case studies and operational trials that have been completed
  • Share the forward-thinking research being conducted by our lab partners
  • Provide thought-provoking insights from industry and operator perspectives

In parallel with the main forum, our Tech partners will share insights into some of their cutting edge capabilities


This virtual symposium seeks to bring together representatives from across the international defence and cyber security sector. Through presentations by Government bodies, military organisations, industry leaders and academia. With ample opportunities to share ideas and challenge current thinking in Cyber Defence.

Further information

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