The National Cyber Deception Laboratory

The National Cyber Deception Laboratory (NCDL) was established in 2019 by Cranfield University in partnership with the UK MOD’s Defence Cyber School.

To be recognised as the UK’s nexus for cyber deception in proactive cyber defence

NCDL Mission Statement

The National Cyber Deception Lab (NCDL) brings together a unique range of practitioners, technology vendors, and researchers in the field of Cyber Deception. Our stakeholders come from across government, academia, and industry. The NCDL provides a community of practice environment that catalyses imaginative and innovative Cyber Deception research in the following areas:

  • Cyber Deception in the context of National Defence & Security
  • Cyber Deception as an effective means of manoeuvre in Cyberspace
  • Communicating the intent to aggressively defend networks in order to deter cyber attackers
  • Shaping the behaviour of cyber attackers and denying them the freedom to operate within a compromised network
  • Using Cyber Deception within a layered approach to defensive cyber operations

The 3 Pillars of the NCDL are:

Research – Facilitating a platform of industry and enterprise vendor solutions. Using this platform lab participants will be able to conduct research, share activities and their findings when exploring the concepts of Cyber Deception. Through these activities, the NCDL aims to be a force multiplier in the advancement of Cyber Deception understanding and capability within the UK and its partners.

Collaboration – The NCDL connects individuals and organisations, from across multiple sectors to deliver innovative and novel approaches to the development of Cyber Deception capabilities.

Guidance – The NCDL develops advice and guidance on the effective use of Cyber Deception as part of a Cyber Defence strategy. We seek to enhance the capability of existing practitioners and support those discovering it for the first time. This knowledge will be curated and made accessible to partners across Government, industry, and academia, in order to help the UK and its partners become a harder target in cyberspace.

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